Ginseng Herb: Five Key Health Benefits

You will find various types of ginseng herb, and the two most common are Asian ginseng and American ginseng. Both vary in terms of the concentration of their active compounds, as well as their effects on the body; Both are unique when it comes to the concentration of their active compounds, and also in terms of their effects on the body; Both have varying active compound concentrations and effects on the human body. Nevertheless, all ginseng is made up of two main compounds – ginsenosides and gintonin – to which the herb’s health benefits are attributed.

Here are five proven ways ginseng helps improve the health of those who consume it as a daily routine:

Antioxidants to Fight Inflammation

Ginseng is abundant in antioxidants and is therefore anti-inflammatory. According to some test-tube studies, ginseng extracts and ginsenoside compounds have the ability to fight inflammation and strengthen antioxidant capacity in cells. For example, in one specific study, Korean red ginseng extract was found to minimize inflammation and maximize antioxidant activity in the skin cell samples taken from eczema patients. Generally, ginseng has been proven to help decrease inflammatory markers and protect humans against oxidative stress.

Better Cognitive Function

Ginseng can help enhance memory, mood and other brain functions. Some studies have proven that ginsenosides, compound K and other certain components in ginseng, can shield the brain against potential damage related to free radicals. Specifically, the herb has been shown to improve cognitive functions mood, both in healthy people and Alzheimer’s patients.

Enhanced Erectile Function

Research has proven that ginseng may be a helpful option for treating erectile dysfunction (ED. It appears that ginseng compounds can protect penile blood vessels and tissues against oxidative stress, thereby helping to revive normal functioning of the organ. Additionally, studies have proven that ginseng may lead to the production of more nitric oxide, a compound that makes penile muscles relax and improves blood circulation.

Stronger Immune System

Some studies looking into the effects of ginseng on the immune system have centered around cancer patients getting chemotherapy or surgery. In one study, people recovering from stomach cancer surgery, were given 5,400 mg of ginseng everyday for two years. Interestingly, the study resulted in these subjects showing significantly stronger immune functions, on top of a lower recurrence of symptoms.

More Energy

Ginseng has been proven to help fight fatigue and build up energy in the body. In different studies, some components of ginseng, like polysaccharides and oligopeptides, have been associated with less oxidative stress and more cellular energy production, leading to anti-fatigue abilities of the body. Further studies prove that ginseng supplements don’t just address fatigue but also to support physical activity by controlling oxidative damage and maximizing cellular energy production.


Ginseng is a herbal supplement used for hundreds of years in Chinese medicine. Whether you seek to improve a particular condition,improve your health overall, or just learn more about this herb, ginseng is certainly worth your time.